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No. 35. L.O Feyling Collection

Title No. 35. L.O Feyling Collection
Headline A photograph taken by Reverend L.O Feyling in the Lake St Lucia area between 1898 and 1928.
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Creator Reverend L.O Feyling
Content Owner KwaZulu-Natal Department of Arts & Culture, Museum Services
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Source Entumeni Mission
Subject Heading African History – 000005
Location Lake St Lucia area – South Africa
Content Information Photograph number 38 of 50. This photograph is part of an album collection of images that were taken by and were the collection of the late Reverend L.O Feyling. A Missionary at Mount Tabour, on the eastern shores of Lake St Lucia from 1890 to 1928. The photographs shows the house of Reverend L.O Feyling, the Mission and numerous views, including the donkey wagon and locals crossing the Lake, which is infested with Crocodiles. There are also photographs of the local people amongst whom the Reverend Feyling worked. The photographs were donated by the Entumeni Mission. In 1898, the Reverend L.O. Feyling, a Norwegian missionary, established a mission station at Mount Tabor near Mission Rocks on the Eastern Shores, approximately 10 km north of the St Lucia mouth. One can still see the old Dutch oven used at the mission. The mission continued to function until the mid 1950s when the Forestry Department moved the Zulu and Tonga people out of the area. Other mission stations which have operated for shorter periods were at Cape Vidal and Ozabeni near Ochre Hill.
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Resource Type Photograph – Album
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Keywords Reverend L.O Feyling, Lake St Lucia, Missionary at Mount Tabour, Missionary, St Lucia
Historical period 1800s, 1900s
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