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Hendrik Stephanus Hertzog van Blerk

The Boer writer, Hendrik Stephanus Hertzog van Blerk was born on the 27 November 1915 in Johannesburg and passed away on Christmas day on the 25 December 2010 at the age 95. He was buried on the 31 December 2010 in the Verwoerdburg cemetery

Van Blerk , or “Oom Hendrik” as he was well known ,wrote  hundreds of short stories and several books.

HS van Blerk was very active in the preservation of the Boer culture and history. He was also the founder of the Majuba Boer Trust.

He received his schooling in Johannesburg and attended 11 different schools before leaving school in Grade 8.

Thereafter he became a diamond digger, carpenter, soldier, factory worker, road builder and miner on the South Rand of Johannesburg .

He was sentenced to death in June 1942 , due to his involvement as a member of the  “Stormjaer Ossewabrandwag” for sabotage. He served 28 days on death row before his sentence was overturned to life imprisonment and was released after six years when the National Party came into power in 1948  and granted him full pardoned.

After his release from prison he became a journalist and later a school administrator.

His first book ,” Dit blom tussen bantoms”, was published in 1948.

In the 60 years that spanned his career, hundreds of novels , youth novels  , short stories and factual books on the history of the Afrikaner was written .van Blerk often wrote books under the  pseudonym of Melt Froneman .

He was married to his wife, Nell and had two sons Hennie and Willem and one daughter Maryna.


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