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Funeral of King Solomon KaDinuZulu

Title Funeral of King Solomon KaDinuZulu
Headline Photographs of King Solomon KaDinuZulu funeral that was taken by Reverend L.O Feyling in 1933
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Content Information Kraal of Dinizulus Widows where Solomon was buried. – King Solomon the son of Dinuzulu succeeded his father as the King of the Zulu nation during his father’s funeral in 1913. Solomon KaDinuZulu was born in 1891 on the island of St Helena while DinuZulu was exiled there. During his exile DinuZulu was allowed to take two wives who were OkaNtuzwa mother of Solomon and Zihlazile. Solomon grew up at St Helena and was educated through the church. He was only taught to read a little bit of Zulu so that he could read the bible in Zulu. He grew up respecting Christian values and attended Sunday church regularly. Elements of Christianity is clearly evidenced in photographs of his funeral. Mankulumana kaSomaphunga Ndwandwe, the induna enkulu (principal headman) was in charge of proceedings at King Dinuzulu’s funeral. n 1916 King Solomon was appointed as Chief of the Usuthu, which was first formed by his father. In many occasions king Solomon was seen with John Langalibalele Dube, who was the founder of Ilanga lase Natal. In conjunction with the African National congress King Solomon found Inkatha kaZulu, which was viewed as the Zulu Regiment in the 1920s. On it formation it formed to act as a rallying point against Jan Smuts (the successor of Botha as the Prime Minister) Native affairs Bill of 1920. While Solomon was at the homestead of chief Kambi of the Ngenetsheni near Louwsburg, he collapsed and died on the 4th March 1933 at the age of 42. According to different sources that have been consulted it has been narrated that Solomon was buried four days after his death, but some sources emphasis that he was buried three weeks after his death because of the burial preparation. According to the photo album, it can be argued that people of the Zulu nation came from afar for the burial of their king. As part of the burial preparation Zulu man were seen carrying stones that were to be put on top of the kings grave. His grave was measured 10x10x10 foot that can be converted to 3.048 meters. His body was sewn up in white oxide and he was buried with his belongings.
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