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Commemoration of the Battle of Isandlwana

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Location Isandlwana
Content information 25 January 2014 – THOUSANDS descended today to the hills of  to commemorate the historic battle of Isandlwana where British soldiers suffered a humiliating defeat by Zulu warriors on 22 January 1879. The Zulus were equipped mainly with the traditional assegai iron spears and cow-hide shields, against the British who were armed with modern weapons. Isilo emphasized the importance to remembering and commemorating our history, especially battles such as Isandlwana, which marked a turning point in the history of this country. The commemoration attracts an enthusiastic group of  amabutho (warriors) who enacts the battle of Isandlwana during the annual commemoration events together with the Dundee Die Hards representing the British. They perform a spectacular enactment of the battle in authentic Zulu regalia, Victorian British military uniforms and weapons. The group’s convener Garry Slater said the preservation of history is very important to the group, adding they have plans of expanding their acts to include other historic battles like the Anglo-Boer war.
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