KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Preservation Initiative



KwaZulu-Natal has a long history and a considerable wealth of heritage, tracing this back to the San communities who created the thousands of rock art sites in the Drakensberg Mountains, and leading up to the more recent history of the Liberation Movement. The Drakensberg Mountains hold the most significant collection of Bushman paintings in the world with an estimated number of about 40000 dating back as far as 2400 years. The Liberation Movement itself has deep roots in KwaZulu-Natal with countless historic liberation events having taken place within its borders.

Numerous private and government organizations have already started preserving some of the heritage legacy in the Province, but this has either happened on a narrowly focused scale or on a limited level.

For this reason it is proposed that the both Government and the private sector, establish the KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Preservation Initiative. It is recommended that the KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Preservation Initiative be a free standing organizational body that will be able to accommodate digital copies of heritage artefacts and information from various sources in an “Inventory Engine”. The main aim of the KZNHPI will be to create a visual portal of all KwaZulu-Natal’s heritage, which will be available online. The KZNHPI will exhibit content from a wide selection of museums, organizations, government and private partners.

The KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Preservation Initiative will aim to create an inclusive “Inventory Engine” or portal for heritage sites and resources in the province.
All material and content referenced in the Inventory Engine will remain the property of its original owners. All content on the database will the classified under an appropriate access level, depending on the sensitivity and usage rights.

KwaZulu-Natal Heritage Preservation Initiative


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